Music Central Instrument Rentals


      Music Central offers band instrument rentals, most commonly used in most San Diego City Schools music programs. We carry several of the method books and band accessories that complement each school program.

      We also offer an exceptional music education through our affordable weekly music lesson sessions. Many of our students enjoy a fun and personalized one-on-one music lesson each week to achieve outstanding results in a shorter time period.


We have a great hassle-free music instrument rental program.


      Our music instrument rental program has a friendly Rent to Own option with a 2-month minimum instrument rental period. After the initial rental period, you can return the instrument at any time with no penalties at all!

      The time that it typically takes to completely pay for your instrument through our rental program is easy with our simple Rent to Own program! Most instruments can be owned in as little as 24 months, but some Deluxe instruments may be up to 30 months.

      If you take the contract to the end of its term you will own the instrument 100%. Unlike other rental programs, there are no additional fees to own the instrument after you have paid off your contract!

It's that simple!

We really care about our customers and our instruments.


      That's why we offer free basic instrument maintenance and repair while you rent a music instrument with us! This is one reason why our instruments are in such great condition and why our customers love renting with Music Central. We are all passionate musicians and understand how much it matters to have a musical instrument that is in excellent shape.

      Whether your guitar string breaks, your bridge falls out of alignment, or you need help tuning your musical instrument, we are here for you and want to make sure that your instrument is in tip-top shape and ready to play.

Music Central is easy to find and close to the I-805 and I-15 freeways.


      Come in and check out our band instruments for yourself.   Our store is located in Mira Mesa off of Mira Mesa Boulevard - halfway in between the I-15 and I-805 freeways.  You can also check our Locations page for more information about our location and hours!


Our Music Instruments For Rent – How Much Is It To Rent An Instrument?


Rental Prices

All instruments are rent to own in 24 months!

Alto Sax Rental - ($48-54 per month)

Cello Rental - ($48-54 per month)

Clarinet Rental - ($26-32 per month)

Flute Rental - ($26-32 per month)

French Horn Rental - ($56 per month)

Guitar Rental - ($27 per month)

Snare Kit Rental - ($22 per month)

Snare Kit + Xylophone Rental - ($30 per month)

Trumpet Rental - ($30-38 per month)

Trombone Rental - ($30-38 per month)

Viola Rental - ($28-32 per month)

Violin Rental - ($20-26 per month)

Xylophone Rental - ($30 per month)

*Most rental instruments are rent to own in 24-30 months, depending on the instrument and brand.

Rental rates include all repair and maintenance costs and rental usage tax.  No additional costs are added to the rental rates listed above.

We require 2 items in lieu of a security deposit:

  1. That you are a San Diego resident.
  2. You have a valid major credit card you can leave on file with us.

        If you do not meet one of these requirements, we require a security deposit. The price of the security deposit is dependent on the type of instrument you are renting. Please contact us below if you have any other questions!

If you've read this far, then what are you waiting for? Come to Music Central and rent your instrument today!

We hope to see you soon!