Take Voice / Singing & Ukulele Music Lessons with Sarah King

Sarah King Ukulele Voice Singing Music Central Teacher

Sarah is a compassionate, driven teacher and performer.

She has an AA in music studies and intends to receive her teaching credential through the School of Music and Dance at SDSU.

For now, she is excited to share her passions with the musicians of the future.

Sarach teaches ages 9 and up.

Instructions for booking a lesson with Sarah King

  1. Click the Book a 30-minute Music Lesson Button Below, then click SEE TIMES.
  2. After the music lesson booking scheduler loads, click on Any Staff located in the top right-hand corner and Select Sarah King from the drop-down menu
  3. Scroll down and click SEE TIMES, then select TIME
  4. Enter and Confirm your details

We look forward to contacting you and confirming the lesson. We will follow up with you by giving you a call as soon as we are notified.

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