Music Instrument Repairs

Violin Repairs

Restring: $12 ($2 per string)

Shape Bridge: $12 (plus cost of bridge)

Setup: $15

Sound Post Adjust: $25

Guitar Repairs

Basic Acoustic/Electric Restring: $12 ($2 per string)
On most standard acoustic steel string guitars and electric guitars.

Classical Guitar Restring: $18 ($3 per string)
Classical guitars are restrung using a traditional hand-tied method. 

Guitar Set-up: $30-$35
Depending on your guitar, your guitar set-up includes a neck alignment, action adjustment (string height), and intonation check (electric only).

Electric Work: Starting at $15
Is your electric guitar not making a sound when plugged in? Too much humming? Bring it and we will take a look at it for you. Most of our electronic repairs start at $15. Depending on the repair, we can call you with an estimate if we see it will require additional work.

Other Instrument Repairs

Give us a call and we'll give you a quote on any other instrument repair you need. Instruments we do maintenance on include:

French Horn

About Our Instrument Repairs & Restrings

Most of our guitar, violin, and viola instrument repairs and restrings are done in-house by a well trained repairperson.

We treat your instruments like they are ours and put the utmost care into fixing or improving your instrument.

We have been known to spot problems that were not pointed out when the instrument is brought in and sometimes fix them for free because we love to help out musicians.

If the repair is beyond our scope of in-house repair capabilities, we will send the work out to repair experts who have been working with us for many years and who are well-respected in the local music instrument repair community.

You can trust us with your music instrument repair needs. We will send you somewhere else that we trust if we absolutely cannot provide you with the service you need.

Next Steps to Get Your Instrument Repaired / Restrung

The best way for us to assess the scope of your instrument repair is to bring it into one of our stores, where we would be happy to help you and give you a quote.

Alternatively, you could call or email us if you are not able to make it in and want some further assistance.

We are always happy to hear from you and look forward to speaking with you!