Take Guitar, Ukulele, and Logic (Recording Tool) Lessons with Aldo Bustos

Aldo Bustos Guitar Ukelele Music Teacher

Aldo has been teaching at Music Central for 10 years.

He is a well-rounded musician who can teach most styles on the guitar.

From beginners to advanced students who would like to increase their knowledge, Aldo makes it fun and enjoyable to progress on the guitar.

Aldo is also an active performing musician within the San Diego music scene.

From giving beginning guitarists the basic knowledge and understanding their instrument to aiding intermediate guitarists to take their skills to the stage, Aldo can help you get there!

Instructions for booking a lesson with Aldo Bustos:

  1. Click the Book a 30-minute Music Lesson Button Below, then click SEE TIMES.
  2. After the music lesson booking scheduler loads, click on Any Staff located in the top right-hand corner and Select Aldo Bustos from the drop-down menu
  3. Scroll down and click SEE TIMES, then select TIME
  4. Enter and Confirm your details


We look forward to contacting you and confirming the lesson. We will follow up with you by giving you a call as soon as we are notified.

😊 THANK YOU for booking a music lesson with Music Central! 😊