Take Guitar Lessons with Angel Salas

James Kambic Guitar Music Teacher

James has been teaching guitar at Music Central for over 15 years.

His guitar knowledge encompasses all genres, but specializing in Jazz, Rock, and Blues.

James studied Music Composition at Moorpark College with Dr. Dolly Kessner gaining essential tools necessary for insight and growth on a challenging instrument such as the guitar.

He excels at teaching all levels of guitar from beginning to advanced concepts and has a genuine appreciation for teaching younger generations the skills necessary to achieve inspiration and execution on the instrument.

Personally, he has been playing piano and guitar for over 25 years in various settings ranging from fronting his own band to session work for local projects.

The most important thing to know about James as a guitar instructor is he truly enjoys teaching and helping others to learn what an awesome and fun instrument the guitar can be!

Instructions for booking a lesson with Angel Salas:

  1. Click the Book a 30-minute Music Lesson Button Below, then click SEE TIMES.
  2. After the music lesson booking scheduler loads, click on Any Staff located in the top right-hand corner and Select Angel Salas from the drop-down menu
  3. Scroll down and click SEE TIMES, then select TIME
  4. Enter and Confirm your details


We look forward to contacting you and confirming the lesson. We will follow up with you by giving you a call as soon as we are notified.

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